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Making Your Site Prep Work Easy

Site Prep The Right Way

Reactor Services LTD is an experienced dirt work and construction company based in northern Alberta. With over 15 years of experience in the industry.


Our Services

Mounding Track Backhoe

Mounding Services

If your soils are cold or have a lot of competition, mounding may just be the right choice for your site prep requirements

EX Plow

Depending on your ground type & soil conditions, Excavator plowing maybe be the right choice for your next project. 


Reclamation Services

At Reactor Services, we understand the importance of reclamation and restoring the land to its natural habitat. With trained and experienced operators and management Reactor Services is there to get the job done effectively and efficiently.  


For a more cost efficient but yet very effective form of site prep, Crawler plowing might be the right choice for your site prep needs.

Disc Trenching-

Another way of trenching with a 4-wheel drive skidder and attached to the rear of the machine. The discer creates a plantable spot by exposing the mineral soil. This type of prep is 

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Mini Mounding-

Mini Mounding is used with a 4-wheel drive or 6-wheel drive skidder. The mounder is attached to the rear and creates a smaller mound with desired spacing. This type of prep is only capable in the summer and fall months.


People You Can Trust
"get it right, get Reactor"

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Years Of


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Huge Inventory

Of Equipment & attachments

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